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Story of tragedy and survival
Posted on Monday, June 6th, 2011

When Ashley Udelhoven and four teen-age girls set out across glacier fed Tustumena Lake on the Kenai Peninsula to spend the weekend at a cabin, they were thinking of fun and adventure. But their adventure, like too many others, soon turned dangerous and deadly. The wind came up and they were suddenly caught more than two miles offshore by towering waves that swamped their boat sending everyone into the 40 degree water. They were all wearing life jackets but only the sheer will, ingrained skills and perseverance of three of the girls saved their lives. They somehow found the strength and drive to swim to shore and hike for several hours to a remote cabin where they were eventually rescued. But their Dad and a family friend didn’t make it. When 16-year-old Katarina Anderson landed in the water, she was wearing a too-big lifejacket and was fighting it. Ashley tried to help her but his body quickly succumbed to hypothermia. The other three-girls, encouraged on by 15-year-old Miranda, made the decision of survivors to head for shore. Read the rest of the story at adn.com… These girls are an inspiration and an example that shows training pays. They were prepared with lifejackets and knowledge about the area. They knew what to do and followed through. We could all learn from them. Prepare yourself and your children for potential accidents. Attend an NAOI Wilderness Survival Skills Training program to learn more www.naoiak.org

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