3 Best Outdoors Apps in 2019

Going to the outdoors is easily one of the best ways to get out of a slump. Perhaps you’re tired of work or you need to clear your mind — or maybe you just want to stay fit and healthy. No matter the reason, it helps to get out once in a while. Here are a few apps to help you enjoy your trip.

1) Pocket Universe


Who doesn’t like space? No matter one’s age, there’s always going to be a curiosity about what lies beyond Earth. Plus, it helps that the night sky is too beautiful to behold when you’re in a place with minimal light pollution. But what if there was a way to know what you’re actually looking at?

The Pocket Universe app was developed to help people identify constellations, stars, and pretty much any celestial body. Available on the iOS App Store, this app uses a compass to determine what you’re specifically looking at in the sky.

But it’s not all about pointing your smartphone up to the sky. With Pocket Universe, you can have a virtual field trip to the Moon. You also get to learn more about the Solar System. If you think you know enough, go try the astronomy game within the app.

2) Yondr

This might just be one of the most important apps of our time. In our increasingly connected society, it’s become a common complaint that some people don’t know how to enjoy what’s right in front of them. Why? Because of smartphones, they’re always holding up to take pictures and videos.

With the Yondr app, you get to control when people can use their phones without taking them away — and it’s simple to do. First, the phones are contained inside a Yondr case. This case then becomes locked. If they want to get their phone out, they have to find an unlocking base.

So instead of having your friends glued to the screen, you can ask them to use the Yondr system. All phones are to be kept in respective cases while in the outdoors. Only when the adventure is done will you take out the unlocking base.

3) AllTrails

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, then this is the perfect app for you. With more than 60,000 trail maps, this app serves as your digital companion. It helps you find the best trails in your area depending on your preference. You’ll find trails perfect for bikers and those suitable for kids or even dogs.

However, do note that you often have to stay online to access some features. In this case, you should learn all about setting up VPN on Android or iOS so that your online activities stay encrypted no matter your location.

Technology shouldn’t keep you away from the wonders of nature. And with these apps, you’ll surely get more out of your next outdoor trip.