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Whether you are planning to travel for a few days or a few weeks, traveling to the Antarctica, desserts or jungles is usually not a walk in the park. Although exciting and fascinating, these places have extreme weather conditions that make traveling cumbersome and even tiring. If proper planning is not done, you might end up endangering your life as these places are highly deserted, which means there are a few options for help if something goes wrong. An enjoyable trip to the Antarctica, jungle, or dessert starts with proper planning.

With proper planning, you can ensure that your adventure will not only be enjoyable but also safe. In the modern technological world, it would be a mistake to go on an adventure without carrying the best gadgets and digital technologies designed to make travels more enjoyable and productive. Some of the gadgets that you should carry when going for an adventure in Antarctica, dessert, or jungle include:

Communication gadgets

The obvious communication gadget is a smartphone. A smartphone is a necessary gadget for every adventure as it offers many features that are beneficial during your travels. However, it is worth noting that not every smartphone that is designed for the extreme conditions found in these areas. As much as there are improvements in smartphone technologies, most smartphones rate poorly when it comes to power consumption and withstanding harsh elements. A good smartphone can be your navigation tool, communication tool, and entertainment device. Your smartphone will come in handy in keeping you in touch with people at home and abroad, locating essential amenities during your travel, keeping you entertained and even seeking for help in case you get lost.


Which smartphone is ideal for adventure?

Before you embark on an adventure in the desert, jungle, or Antarctica, ensure that you purchase a rugged smartphone. The right smartphone should be shockproof and waterproof. Imagine yourself out in the jungle, and it suddenly starts to drizzle, and you are not sure of the direction, you will need a smartphone that you can confidently use even when it is drizzling.

The ideal phone for adventure should also be able to withstand knocks and falls. It should also have a powerful, long-life battery and come with an emergency SOS utility feature. In addition to a rugged smartphone, you may also consider carrying a feature phone as a backup option in case the smartphone fails you when you are in dire need. Some of the top rugged smartphones you should consider include Cat S61, AGM X2, Doogee S60, Ulefone Armor 2, and Blackview BV7000 Pro among others.


Power backup options

Your power options will greatly vary depending on how long you intend to stay as well as the weather conditions of the area you are planning to visit. What you need when going for dessert adventure may not necessarily serve you well when going for an adventure in Antarctica. Furthermore, what you need for a one-day adventure in the dessert is different from what you need for a two-week adventure and thus, you must plan accordingly. The best plan is always to carry the most powerful portable power-bank you can afford for the adventure. In the modern world of gadgets, a standard power bank should at least have a 10000mAH battery, dual USB, Waterproof casing, and LED light.

If you are going on an adventure in Antarctica, you will need to carry a more powerful power bank as your choices of recharging are limited. On the other hand, if you are going to the desert, taking a power bank with solar charging capability may come in handy during your adventure as it enables you to harness the power of nature, which is in plenty in desert areas.



Although your smartphone camera can do the work effectively, you might need more power and flexibility to document your adventure. While using your smartphone camera may seem efficient and reduce bulk, it might not be the best option as phone cameras use more power, which is not convenient when going on an adventure.

Instead of using your smartphone camera, you should purchase a travel camera. Travel cameras are built to offer convenience and functionality. Different cameras come with different features and, thus, it is upon you to choose the best option for your needs. You can opt for different features such as,  a waterproof camera that lets you take pictures underwater, to one with motion stabilizers that let you capture clear images and videos as you walk, you can also go for a camera with wireless connectivity that lets you share your images instantly on social media. The options are endless.



Before you embark on your adventure, you should do thorough research on the specific area you will be traveling to and understand the challenges that you are likely to encounter. For example, if the area does not have good internet connectivity, you should consider purchasing a smart Wi-Fi router. On the other hand, if you will be going to an area that is infested by insects like mosquitoes, adding insect-repellent gadgets can make your adventure more enjoyable.